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Email Name Parser

The Email Name Parser identifies and extracts names from the email address.

  Examples by culture:


Developer: see the technical specification of the REST service.


The NameAPI Email Name Parser is a service that extracts the first name and last name from an email address. It can handle a variety of email address formats and can recognize common name patterns in various languages.

While private freemail addresses are full of nick names and fantasy words, almost all business email addresses contain the name of the address owner.

How it works

Internally, the Email Name Parser uses functionality for cleaning, fixing and standardizing email addresses. Then it extracts and sends candidate strings from the local part of the email address to the Name Parser which uses large dictionaries for identifying names, in all languages and writing systems. 

In addition to extracting people's names, the Email Name Parser service also identifies common functional email addresses. They are commonly used for specific purposes or roles within organizations or websites and have predefined prefixes such as "info@", "webmaster@", "sales@", "support@".

Use Cases

Email Name Parser service has proven its utility in various use cases, as listed below:

  • Web forms and sign-up pages: automatically extract and populate first and last name fields on web forms or sign-up pages, reducing the amount of manual data entry required
  • Email marketing and personalization: can be used to personalize email marketing campaigns by addressing recipients by their first name, which has been shown to improve engagement and conversions
  • Customer service and support: can be used to extract the name of a customer from their email address, making it easier to address them by name and provide a more personalized customer service experience
  • Record searching and matching: NameAPI Index software uses the Email Name Parser to extract name information for improved record indexing, recall, and matching.