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Name Parser

Name parsing is the process of splitting a person's name into its individual components, such as first name, middle name, last name, suffix, salutation, and title.

  Examples by culture:

  Examples by culture:

  Examples by culture:

Developer: see the technical specification of the REST service.

Identifying the culture associated with a personal name is the key for understanding its individual components and splitting them accurately.

  • Prof Dr Mary-Louise D. Miller Jr => English
  • Abd al-Masih Al-Azawi => Arabic
  • Dong Hua Lee => Chinese


  • Extracting first names and last names from a full name string.
  • Identifying the gender of a person.
  • Culture profiling.
  • Differentiating between natural and legal people (businesses).
  • Identifying individual people within a name string.

Although colonization and globalization have caused naming systems to be more uniform, there are still plenty of cultural peculiarities that make this process challenging.

Parsing the person's name is the first step for additional processing, such as genderizing.