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Disposable Email Address Detector

Detects disposable email addresses "DEA", also known as trash email addresses such as "[email protected]".
See also the Swagger specification.
Detects thousands of known dea domains.

It classifies those as disposable which operate as a time-limited, web based way of receiving emails, for example, sign up confirmations.

Essentially every email address may be of temporary use. Even freemail providers like yahoo and gmail offer [temporary] aliases. However, those are personal and may be in use for a longer period of time, and can often not be detected as such.    
We have integrated Swagger directly into our API.



A syntactically valid email address.
Example: "[email protected]"
An invalid input exception is thrown if the address does not look like an email address.
The api-key also known as user-id. Authentication and accounting is performed on the server for this key.
Example: "32d21gc5071d7463ef6064c07ea98cb2-user1"



Possible values:

The email address is known to be disposable.

The email address is known to be not disposable.
This value is returned when the user/domain combination is known to be of another type, for example freemail or a business.

The domain has not been classified yet.
This value is returned for many domains, and in almost all cases it means that the address is not disposable.

            "disposable" : "YES"