NameAPI is a web API
to handle people's names
in your software.



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Software Version 10.3.0 Deployed

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Sinhala Names: A Window into Sri Lanka’s Cultural Identity

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Enhanced NameAPI Database

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Bosnian names: Echoes of Diversity and Heritage

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Service Availability


A high service uptime is one of our main goals. We guarantee 99.9% Web Service Availability - that is a maximum of 43.8 minutes of downtime per month. Almost all requests are served within a fraction of a second.

Every part of the service has been designed from the ground up to avoid single point of failures:

  • Multiple server locations.
    When one fails, your client program can failover to another one.
  • Multiple installations at the same server location for load balancing and automatic (transparent) failover.
    This allows us to update a system with a new version, or perform other software or hardware maintenance, while remaining operational.
  • State of the art host centers.
    The host centers we choose for our dedicated servers provide redundant power plus UPS and diesel, redundant network providers, access control, fire suppression, air conditioning. We use dedicated hardware, not cloud hosting, because we're in full control of the chosen non-shared hardware. This gives us the consistent high performance that our services need.
  • Multiple domain names with separate DNS servers. Domains registered at separate registrars with long expiration dates.
  • Our software updates go through a thorough testing cycle before being deployed.

What you can do to maximize the success rate for API calls: 

  • Use reliable internet connections
  • Auto-retry a failed request
  • Auto-retry to alternate host center (switch url).

The auto-retry feature is built into the NameAPI Java client library.