NameAPI is a web API
to handle people's names
in your software.



Version 5.3 Deployed

New version 5.3 available.


Version 5.3 release candidate is online

More names, more cultures and a new web service: Risk Detector.


Version 5.2 Deployed

As announced, the new version has been installed.


Version 5.2 release candidate is online

More names, more cultures.


Version 5.1 Deployed

As announced, the new version has been installed.

Get More Credits

Your current request limits are not enough? Need faster response times? Encrypted connection SSL? Service level agreement? Here's what you can do.


Option 1: Go Pro

Buy a paid contract with higher limits, and get up to 10 million credits per month.

Log in to your (free basic) account, then on the Account overview page enter the shop with the "buy subscriptions and credits" link. Payments and credit cards are processed by PayPal.

For transactions above EUR 2000 you may choose to pay by bank transfer, contact sales

If 10 million credits are insufficient then contact sales.


Option 2: Spread the Word


Write about how you're using NameAPI on your Blog.

Reward: +30% requests, -30% response time.


Add a link on your website (for example on the "about" page) or in your application (in an info/about window) mentioning that you're using technology from NameAPI.

Reward: +30% requests, -30% response time.

Refer a developer

Invite your friends to use NameAPI too.

Reward for every referred active user: +10% requests, -10% response time.

Tell us why you love NameAPI

We'd love to hear your feedback. Send us a long or short testimonial, see the contact page.

Reward: +10% requests, -10% response time.