NameAPI is a web API
to handle people's names
in your software.



Version 5 release candidate is online

This is the time to test your installations.


Faster server failure detection

When one server is on strike, it is removed from the pool instantly.


Faster trash email domain detection

New domains are caught as soon as they appear.


Version 5 preview is online

Test the new REST API, give early feedback.


Announcing Version 5

The next major version will bring a brand new REST API.


Disposable Email Address Detector

Detects disposable email addresses "DEA", also known as trash email addresses such as "".

Detects thousands of known dea domains.

It classifies those as disposable which operate as a time-limited, web based way of receiving emails, for example, sign up confirmations.

Essentially every email address may be of temporary use. Even freemail providers like yahoo and gmail offer [temporary] aliases. However, those are personal and may be in use for a longer period of time, and can often not be detected as such.




A syntactically valid email address.
An invalid input exception is thrown if the address does not look like an email address.




The email address is known to be disposable.

The email address is known to be not disposable.
This value is returned when the user/domain combination is known to be of another type, for example freemail or a business.

The domain has not been classified yet.
This value is returned for many domains, and in almost all cases it means that the address is not disposable.