NameAPI is a web API
to handle people's names
in your software.



Version 5 release candidate is online

This is the time to test your installations.


Faster server failure detection

When one server is on strike, it is removed from the pool instantly.


Faster trash email domain detection

New domains are caught as soon as they appear.


Version 5 preview is online

Test the new REST API, give early feedback.


Announcing Version 5

The next major version will bring a brand new REST API.



The ping command simply pings the server and, on success, gets a "pong" back.
Ping can be used either manually or by code to check for service availability and response time.
The command passes through all interceptors (authentication, load balancing etc.) to a target server that actually executes nameapi requests. All standard behavior applies including request prioritization and request limits per contract. The only difference is that the minimal response time used on free accounts is not applied.
(no example in the browser as of now)



See (link)
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(todo: add example)