NameAPI is a web API
to handle people's names
in your software.



Version 5 release candidate is online

This is the time to test your installations.


Faster server failure detection

When one server is on strike, it is removed from the pool instantly.


Faster trash email domain detection

New domains are caught as soon as they appear.


Version 5 preview is online

Test the new REST API, give early feedback.


Announcing Version 5

The next major version will bring a brand new REST API.


Simple Email Name Parser

Analyzes the email address and attempts to extract a person's name.
    => [john, doe]
The service attempts to detect several kinds of syntax, such as:
Names are not formatted to correct case, they are left the way they appeared in the input.    



A syntactically valid email address.
An invalid input exception is thrown if the address does not look like an email address.



Possible values:

The email address belongs to a department, such as

It is a technical email address for the domain, such as

The email address contains a person's initials such as
Note that this answer is a guess, the 2 letters could also have another meaning such as a short given name or surname, or something completely different.

The email address contains a person's name such as

There is no name in the address, for example
The address may be personal or non-personal, can't say (as in UNKNOWN) but it is clear that no name can be found in it.

The email address could not be classified and hence the service failed to extract a name.

This is only filled if resultType is PERSON_NAME or INITIALS.
0-n ways of extracting a person's name.
The first entry (if any) is the best, they are ordered by likeliness in descending order.