Disposable Email Address Detector

The DEA-Detector checks email addresses against a list of known "trash domains" such as mailinator.com. 

  Try these:
  1. abcdefgh@guerrillamail.com
  2. larry@google.com
  3. test@example.com

What are disposable email addresses?

DEAs are short-lived inboxes under a temporary address. Users are concerned about privacy, and in order to keep their real inbox spam-free they turn to such quick hacks.

From a user perspective, this is a totally legitimate move. However, you as a service provider do not want such trash email addresses in your databases because

  • your contact is lost after a couple of minutes
  • future mails will bounce

If you do require users to enter an email address, make sure it's not a temporary one.

Our list of such trash domains is updated periodically and contains over 3000 entries.