NameAPI is a web API
to handle people's names
in your software.



Software Version 10.0.2 Deployed

Bug-fix version that reverts an unintentional change in the RiskDetector service.


New Java Client Library 5.4.2

The Java™ client library provides access to the NameAPI Web Services from Java compatible...


Somali Names Imported

Somalia, also known as the "Nation of Poets", is located at the easternmost edge of the African...


Software Version 10.0.1 Deployed

Bug-fix version that reverts an unintentional change in the NameParser service.


Software Version 10.0.0 Deployed

We have recently updated the NameAPI software to run with Java 17. This update includes improved...

Data Analyst, Cluj


About us

Optimaize SRL, a Swiss software company with development office since 2006 in Cluj-Napoca, develops the global leading software for handling personal names. 

About the job

Names are at the base of our software. As a data analyst, you use code to work with medium and big data, to perform quantitative data research. You work in close cooperation with our data researchers who handle the qualitative data research.

To further improve and extend our product, we're looking for a self-organized person.

Being a small company, every brain counts. Our team will guide you to become an experienced, productive analyst. The tasks are adjusted to skills, capabilities and preferences.

About you

In the best case you are a certified data analyst with a few years of working experience in the field, know several databases (besides SQL) and when to use which, and are fluent in at least one programming language.

The minimal requirement is that you're self educated in the field, or in the process of following an online course. You were quite good at math in high school, and have basic understanding of code. For example you know what string concatenation is and how to sum up an int array, but you don't need to know the factory pattern and what object immutability is.

You like digging in data.

Hard facts:

  • informatics high school degree 
  • logical thinking
  • graduated from a state university, possibly a final-year student.
  • advanced English speaking and writing
  • computer power user
  • at least basic programming knowledge

Nice to have:

  • more of the above


  • organized, self motivated
  • positive person
  • results driven "finishes the job"
  • extreme attention to detail

What we offer

We offer a place in an open-minded and professional young team where your ideas and work are valued.

  • competitive salary
  • flexible schedule
  • a friendly work environment
  • training on the job
  • best ideas and arguments win (not hierarchy or job title)
  • authentic Swiss chocolate from the candy bar
  • private health insurance

Our office:

  • comfortable Swedish desks and chairs
  • lounge to relax, read a book, or play board games
  • PlayStation gaming corner
  • terrace with lounge and grill
  • table tennis (indoor/outdoor)
  • billiard table (9 ft)
  • kicker table (masa de fotbal / csocsó)

Now is the best time

Are you excited about being part of a dedicated team, and doing work that actually makes a difference? Can you see yourself working at our office? Then send us your CV now: career at



Office location: