NameAPI is a web API
to handle people's names
in your software.



Software Version 10.0.2 Deployed

Bug-fix version that reverts an unintentional change in the RiskDetector service.


New Java Client Library 5.4.2

The Java™ client library provides access to the NameAPI Web Services from Java compatible...


Somali Names Imported

Somalia, also known as the "Nation of Poets", is located at the easternmost edge of the African...


Software Version 10.0.1 Deployed

Bug-fix version that reverts an unintentional change in the NameParser service.


Software Version 10.0.0 Deployed

We have recently updated the NameAPI software to run with Java 17. This update includes improved...

Risk Detector

Detects various types of possibly fake data in person records.


  Examples by culture:


Developer: see the technical specification of the REST service.



Possible input values are the person's name, telephone numbers and email addresses, and physical addresses. The API is flexible in how the data is fed, for example the name can come in as a single string "full name" or separated into specific name fields.

The output contains an overall risk score in the range -1 to +1, plus detailed information about every detected risk.

A score > 0 means there's a risk. Zero is the neutral value; nothing bad detected yet there's nothing good either. A negative value means that the record does look genuine.


Performed checks

Fake risks

Completely invalid data is entered to pass mandatory input field requirements.

Random typing detection

Example: "asdf asdf".

Placeholders entities

Examples: "John Doe", "Anytown"

Famous and fictional entities

Examples: "James Bond", "Barak Obama"

Humorous, invalid, vulgar input

Examples: "Sandy Beach", "Timbuckthree", "None of your business", "firstname lastname"


Disguise risks

Such mangled input is used to circumvent machine processing. Humans can still understand these modified values, but machines can't unless they detect the patterns and clean the input.


Padding is adding content to the left/right of a value.

Example: XXXJohnXXX

Stutter typing

Example: Petttttttttterson

Spaced typing:

Example: P e t e r M i l l e r



This is not a spell checker service, nor an address verification service. The service does not return cleaned data.